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Chuck’s Tactical is a distributor of parts used primarily on the AR-15 Platform. We do not sell lowers that require an FFL. We focus mostly on the .556, 300BLK, and 458 SOCOM.¬†

SORRY for all the inconvenience  but WE ARE BACK 9/6/2022 РCredit Card Company cancelled me for being in a gun related business. I have found a great processor, Please send me an email if you have any issues.


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Chuck’s Tactical is a distributor of AR-15¬† tactical accessories, and other firearms parts.

Our goal is to provide high quality parts at an affordable price

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Very happy with my order. Arrived quickly and exactly what I purchased. Thank you!

Marc K.

Was looking for some upgrades on my AR-15 and this store had what I was looking for. Great prices and products.

David R.

Bought a bunch of gear recently and everything was perfect. I appreciate it and recommend you guys to anyone.

Stephanie H.